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With more than a decade of experience, we have acces to a large network of wineries, distilleries and négociants. While our preference run for Bordeaux – especially Pomerol and Saint-Emilion – and Grande Champagne Cognacs, our portfolio goes well beyond that. From Napa cult wines to Burgundy confidential treasures, Spain Tempranillo to Estonian silver-filtered vodka, we can satisfy most palates and cravings.

For a sample of our portfolio – we tend to list only limited offerings – have a look at our Products Page. For companies interested in representing brands that we carry exclusively, please have a look at our growing Porfolio.

Beautiful boxes to protect your wines

To protect your investment, you need to ensure that they are transported and stored in proper conditions, with as few changes as possible. Wines are very delicate products, and require great care.

We have started developing a monitoring solution aimed at providing a full chain of custody from the time the wines left the supplier all the way to the warehouse/cellar. Data recorded transportation will be sent to the Cloud for online consultation as soon as the ship arrives. Thereafter, warehouses equipped with our solution with provide live monitoring of the ambiant conditions (temperature, humidity, UV and Light, flame/smoke detectors, alcohol leak detection, etc. We are in the process of opening an R&D center in Science Park, and expect a first release in 2016.